Wedding Inspo / / Distillery Themed Styled Shoot

Happy Fall, ya’ll! I don’t know about you but Fall in Minnesota is my faaaavorite! The changing colors on the leaves, the sound of them crunching on the ground as you step on them, the crisp Autumn air, and not to mention all of the cute Fall clothes this season brings. Boots, sweaters, jackets, bring them all on! As we head into our busiest month of the wedding season, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection about all of the growth buck & rose has experienced in the last year. We celebrated our first year in business last month and it has been one amazing year to say the least. Not only do we get to help our couples enjoy their wedding day to the fullest but we get to work in a beautiful and creative industry and within that, I have met some of the most thoughtful and talented individuals. Owning a business and becoming an entrepreneur has been full of ups and downs and I feel so fortunate that the wedding community in Minneapolis has been such a welcoming one. How cool is it that we cheer each other on? When I first started going to networking events and meeting other business owners in the wedding industry I often heard the saying “community over competition” and I now know the meaning of that saying and embody it fully.

Photography / /  Coral Mia Photo , Planning, Design, & Styling / /  buck & rose , Rentals & Tabletop Decor / /  Style Society Mpls , Floral Design / /  Munster Rose , Stationery / /  Copper & Carbon

Photography / / Coral Mia Photo, Planning, Design, & Styling / / buck & rose, Rentals & Tabletop Decor / / Style Society Mpls, Floral Design / / Munster Rose, Stationery / / Copper & Carbon

In today’s blog we’re featuring some major inspo that is perfect for a Fall wedding. We planned and designed this shoot earlier this Summer when we were yearning for Fall to come and now that it’s here we’re so excited to share the beauty that we captured. Our July shoot was designed with the not so traditional couple in mind. My younger sister Hannah & her boyfriend Matt were actually the muses for this shoot and I selected everything with them in mind. From the dark, moody florals to the bad ass dress to the rich red lip, everything spoke the same language. Celebrating each couple’s style and personality is so important and I love when something not so traditional is what transpires. We love the unique and personal details that communicate what is important to the couple and it helps them celebrate who they are and their love for each other. I truly believe that you can see all of those unique details in this amazing styled shoot.

Distillery Themed Styled Shoot / / Vendors

Venue / / Royal Foundry Craft Spirits

Photographer / / Coral Mia Photography

Planning, Design, & Styling / / buck & rose

Makeup Artist / / Glamorous by Sam

Hair Stylist / / W. Bass Hair

Dress, Bridal Accessories / / Bopha Sar

Suiting / / CircleRock Men

Floral Design / / Munster Rose

Stationery / / Copper & Carbon

Harvest Table, Tabletop Decor, & Rugs / / Style Society Mpls

Copper Arch, Copper Signage, & Dessert Stands / / Something Borrowed Mpls

Coffee & Desserts / / Coffee Cart Mpls, Nikkolette’s Macarons

Shoot Assistant / / Masterpeace Events


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Service Spotlight / / buck & rose Partial Wedding Planning Services

Have you ever wondered what a wedding planner can help you with? There are so many misconceptions about wedding planners and a lot of people think that wedding planners are an added expense that most people shouldn’t account for in their overall wedding budgets. I’ll admit it- when I was a bride myself, I knew that I was going to handle planning my wedding on my own and this was far before becoming a wedding planner was even in the cards for me. I was organized, I knew my exact wedding vision, and I felt super confident in all of my planning decisions. Why would I need a wedding planner? (Psst! I always, always think of Jennifer Lopez when wedding planner comes to my mind. Anyone else love that movie and how glamorous it makes being a wedding planner look? Ah, such a good movie.) A lot of times family members, bridesmaids, friends, and co-workers will be the first to judge and say that you shouldn’t hire a wedding planner. They’ll volunteer to help with “anything” that you need but since this is likely your first time going through the planning process, you don’t even know what you’re going to need help with. Not to mention, after a few drinks and a round or two on the dance floor, they’re going to be less likely to offer their assistance, and who can blame them?! Your wedding day is supposed to be an unforgettable occasion for everyone to enjoy, and most importantly for you to enjoy. There are so many moving parts and logistical details that go into each wedding day. Instead of having to worry about who is going to help you manage it, I always recommend hiring a wedding planner. If I could go back, I know I would! In today’s blog I’m going to highlight one of our most popular wedding planning packages, buck & rose Partial Wedding Planning.

An oldie but a goodie! We just couldn’t resist dropping this here.

An oldie but a goodie! We just couldn’t resist dropping this here.

So you may be wondering what does Partial Wedding Planning even mean? At buck & rose, Partial Wedding Planning is the perfect service for couple who wants extra support during the wedding planning process. We’ll help you stay on track and help you get organized to ensure everything is taken care of pre-wedding day. The best part is that you choose what you need the most help with! From managing those RSVPS, vendor recommendations, creating your seating chart, to designing your event & more, we’ll be able to help finish organizing those details leading up to your wedding day to make sure that no detail gets missed. Often our couples who have booked us for Wedding Day Coordination who need a little bit of extra help will upgrade their package to Partial Planning so that they have some additional help leading up to their wedding day. Here’s a high level breakdown of what buck & rose Partial Wedding Planning packages entail…

  • Assistance with one of the following planning areas: event design, budget creation & management, vendor recommendations & booking management, RSVP management & seating chart creation, & more

  • 4 additional planning meetings (in addition to what is included with our Wedding Day Coordination package)

  • Monthly touch base calls to use at your discretion for advice needed or to provide any key updates as you go through the planning process

  • Pre-wedding consultation

  • Final venue walk through

  • Final details meeting (2-3 weeks prior to your wedding day)

  • Unlimited text & email contact

  • Vendor correspondence & coordination

  • Creation & management of wedding day timeline

  • Contact / Point Person for all vendors

  • Go-to for your wedding party & family members

  • Limited decor set up & take down

  • Access to use of fully stocked wedding day emergency kit

  • Coordination of transition periods with vendors

  • Handling of any guest questions

  • Final payments & gratuities distribution

  • End of event organization

Interested in hearing more? 2020 is booking fast, inquire today to get the conversation started! We’d be honored to help you on your wedding day.

Photography by Emily Durenberger Photography

Vendors We Love / / MV Photos

One of my favorite things about working in the wedding industry in Minneapolis is being able to meet and connect with new vendors. I recently met Madalyn of MV Photos at a client’s wedding and I have so many awesome things to say about her & her second shooter, Laura. As a planner, it’s often that I’m checking in with everyone to make sure that we are all on track to keep the wedding day schedule moving as according to plan as we possibly can. But things happen. Pants rip, people are missing for family photos, guests arrive early… you name it. What I loved about working with Madalyn was her calming and efficient approach. Not only was she able to be completely amazing for our bride & groom, but she was so supportive of all of the other vendors who were working hard to make sure our bride & groom had the wedding day that they dreamed of. Team work makes the dream work, am I right? If you’re on the search for a wedding day photographer, look no more! Without further ado, I’m excited to introduce you to one of my favorite vendor crushes, Madalyn of MV Photos.

Photo / /  MV Photos

Photo / / MV Photos

Q. How did you get into the photography business and what do you love most about your work?

A. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember just loving all things photography! I remember taking pictures of family and friends pretty much any chance I could. I was that girl that would make her friend pose in front of a white sheet. (Embarrassing I know.) The more I took pictures the more and more people started reaching out to me and slowly but surely, my hobby / passion turned into a full time business. There's so many things I love about what I do, and it's really hard to narrow it down to just one thing.

I think what I love most is having the honor of photography people's most special and intimate moments in life. You only get one wedding and I just love that my couples trust me to capture the most important day of their lives.

Q. How would you describe your photography style?

A. My photography style is very natural, moody, journalistic, crisp, candid and most importantly, FUN!

Q. What do you feel is the most important for couples to consider when hiring a photographer for their wedding day?

A. There are a lot of things to consider when you're about to hire a wedding photographer. I think most important is personality and style. If you don't feel like you'd work well together and if you're not in love with the initial photos you've seen on their website or social media pages, then it's probably best to look at other options.

You want to feel your most confident on your wedding day and your photographer ends up being by your side pretty much all day, so finding a photographer who has a positive, personable, professional and light hearted attitude is so important!

Photo / /  MV Photos

Photo / / MV Photos

Q. What do couples love most about working with you?

A. I think what couples love most about working with me is that I'm personable and have a structured yet go-with the flow attitude. I try my best to instantly make them feel comfortable and confident.

Q. Favorite hobby to pursue when you aren't behind the camera?

A. My favorite hobby to pursue when I'm not behind the camera is cooking and traveling to new places! I love trying new and challenging recipes and I think traveling new places and cooking have gone hand in hand. I get inspired by different dishes iv'e tried in different states or countries I’ve traveled and love to cook any chance I can get!

Q. Favorite hang out spot in the Twin Cities?

A. My favorite hang out spot in the Twin Cities would have to be Spyhouse off of Washington, their Spygirl drink is ammmaaazing.

For more information about Madalyn’s photography services visit her website by clicking here and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram!

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Vendors We Love / / BĒT Vodka

Looking for a fun and unique bar solution for your next event? Whether it be your wedding day, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party, or other event, BĒT Vodka has the perfect travel bar cart that will provide not only delicious custom beverages for you and your guests, but a totally Instagrammable set up that your guests will love, also. Let’s be honest, we all do it for the ‘gram, am I right?! I had the chance to chat with Ben & Rochelle of the BĒT Vodka Team about what makes BĒT Vodka so unique and I’m so excited to share what they had to say and to tell a little bit of their story. (Fun Fact: Ben & Rochelle recently welcomed their first baby girl into their family, huge congratulations to them on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Lucy!)

Q, Tell us the story behind BĒT Vodka and how it all began.

A. As cliché as it sounds, it started with scribbles on a napkin and a local, craft beer. We noticed the growth that was occurring in the craft beer industry and we were very drawn to the social element of people coming together and sharing in a drink. The craft beer scene was already quite saturated by this time in late 2013, however, but there were only a select few craft distilleries in the entire state. We drew from our rudimentary distilling experience and decided that it would be a great opportunity to be on the leading-edge of Minnesota’s post prohibition renaissance. But, in order to succeed we needed to craft something entirely different and uniquely local.

We discovered that Minnesota is the largest producer of sugar beets in the United States; in the Red River Valley lies the biggest coop in the country, comprised of over 3,000 farming families. And, it just so happens that sugar beets are an ideal base crop for the distillation of alcohol because of their natural sugar content. The result is the beautiful sipping experience of BĒT Vodka (pronounced “beet”), the Midwest’s first sugar beet vodka.

Q, Best advice for a couple looking for a beverage option for their wedding related event?

A. It’s hard to accommodate everyone in their beverage preferences – beer, wine or alcohol is just the start. IPA or Lager? Red or white wine? Vodka or Gin? To name a few. Unless you have an unlimited budget our best advice is to take a “less is more” approach: fewer but better drink options. 

For that reason, we’ve perfected a number of signature cocktail recipes that not only complement the smooth, all-around flavor of BĒT Vodka but that are pleasing to vodka and non-vodka drinkers alike. On our seasonal menu you’ll find a great variety of palate-pleasing drinks, including: Sublime (gimlet), Midwest Manhattan (Manhattan), The Padrone (Negroni) and Ruby Rose (Greyhound).

Q. What is a common misconception that you see couples having when booking their bar/beverage service for their wedding? Any helpful tips to make sure that they are prepared when meeting with a beverage vendor?

A. Compared to your standard bar offerings of beer and wine – or rail drinks for that matter - serving craft cocktails requires more planning and preparation, skilled bartenders and a conversation about what you want the cocktail to represent or accentuate.  For that reason, it’s important to have a consultation – whether in person or on the phone – with your bar or beverage service provider. Is there a particular flavor profile you’d like to have accentuated in the glass? What type of glassware that suits not only the occasion but the drink? Is there a color to match or a customized cocktail name that you want to pair your drink to? Some of these topics may seem silly but the devil is often in the details!

Made for Sharing.jpg

Q. What makes BĒT Vodka unique? Do you offer ways to personalize the service for the couple whether it be within the drink or the cart?

A. The BĒT Vodka Travel Bar is an easy turn-key solution for anyone’s event planning: it provides an on-site bartender, barware and serving supplies, and a choice of craft cocktails available in three packages, defined as Simplified, Sincere, and Social. This makes it accessible to any budget and size of event, so no one experience is like the other. While the BĒT Vodka Travel Bar is a handsome pop-up on its own, our 1951 Dodge farm truck, named “Henry” after American sugar beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard, serves as a distinguished & iconic companion.

The BĒT Vodka Travel Bar can be customized to the specific event or season! Add a personal message with our table-top chalk board, hang decorative lights or greenery across the top rail, splash some color with a flower arrangement, etc. There’s a natural beauty in the simplistic style of our Travel Bar – and with this simplicity comes myriad possibilities to curate the experience for our clients.

Q. What will couples love the most about working with you?

A. The taste, quality and timeless aesthetic of BĒT Vodka is second-to-none in the local, craft vodka market. We’re confident that your guests will find this product an ideal choice for the occasion. The portability and distinct brand experience of our Travel Bar makes for a memorable addition unlike any other mobile experience. It’s easy to wheel indoors into any sized wedding venue or to set up outside…just send us a note at and we’ll be on our way!

Meet Henry! BĒT Vodka’s travel companion- a 1951 Dodge farm truck, named after American sugar beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard.

Meet Henry! BĒT Vodka’s travel companion- a 1951 Dodge farm truck, named after American sugar beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard.

ABOUT BĒT VODKA: Rooted in the pioneering spirit of American Sugar Beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard -and cultivated through generations of family farmers – BĒT (pronounced “beet”) is the Midwest’s first sugar beet vodka born in a farm cooperative, distilled to its essence, and revealed in a beautiful sipping experience made for sharing. With a clean, crisp and velvety-smooth flavor profile, you’ll discover why it’s SIMPLY NEAT. BĒT.

For more information on BĒT Vodka click here to visit their website and be sure to follow them along on Instagram @betvodka.

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Vendors We Love / / Linen Effects

When thinking about decor elements for your wedding day, the options from your venue or your caterer may be more limited than what you are envisioning for your wedding day. You may not want the typical black, white, or ivory linen selection available and you may not know what your options are. When selecting your wedding day decor elements, we believe you should have access to a variety of colors, patterns, & textures to help tie in your special day’s vibes. We’re excited to introduce you to one of our favorite wedding vendors in the biz, Linen Effects. Linen Effects Founder and Owner Don Jensen saw a need for table skirting in more colors than what was offered at Marriott where he was working at the time. After purchasing fabrics in a variety of colors and styles, Don got to work and sewed the skirting himself and started his own rental company where Linen Effects was born.

While linens are in the name, Linen Effects is known for some much more than just their rental linens. Linen Effects has grown to be one of the Twin Cities’ go to vendors for rental items needed for a client’s wedding day & beyond. From table linens & chiavari chairs to tabletop decor, chair covers, and more, Linen Effects has everything you need to bring your event to life. Linen Effects is a leading choice vendor for hotels, event venues, professional event planners, and country clubs in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We had the opportunity to chat with Emily James, Linen Effects’ Principal Design Consultant and she was able to share with us in more detail about what makes Linen Effects so special. We know you’ll love Linen Effects as much as we do- read on to find out what makes Linen Effects the go to for our clients at buck & rose.

Linen Effects provided beautiful linens along with this amazing lounge moment for Lara + Dominic’s  Loring Social  wedding, talk about more than just linens!  Photo / /  Ali Leigh Photo

Linen Effects provided beautiful linens along with this amazing lounge moment for Lara + Dominic’s Loring Social wedding, talk about more than just linens!

Photo / / Ali Leigh Photo

Q. Tell us a little bit about Linen Effects and how it all began.

A. Linen Effects began with our owner, Don Jensen. When he worked for Marriott, he noticed that there was a desire for table skirting in more color variety than the white, ivory, and black that were offered. He bought fabric in a variety of colors and styles, sewed the skirting and started his rental company, Linen Effects! From there the rest is history. In our 30 years of business, we have moved 3 times, each time needing a larger space to house our ever-growing inventory. We have a variety of rental products including tablecloths, chiavari chairs, charger plates, napkins, centerpieces, furniture, chair covers, and much more! A few years ago, we expanded to include ceiling draping and backdrops as part of our services and that part of our business has been booming!

We are a full-service rental décor business, meaning we can be as involved or as not involved with the set-up and teardown as you’d like. While clients are more than welcome to pick-up and drop off their order from our office here in Minneapolis. We also are able to deliver, set-up, teardown, and pick up the order. 

In our office, we have a showroom where clients can make an appointment to come in and meet with a salesperson to help choose décor for their wedding or event. We have about 1 of everything in our inventory as well as 3 full-size tables, so that you can see exactly how a product will look on your tables. This takes the guess-work out of planning for your décor!

Q. What is Linen Effects most well-known for and what do clients love about working with Linen Effects?

A. We are most well-known for our products and our staff. We are meticulous on our quality of products. Having our own in-house laundry and dishwashing helps with quality control and we strive to have the highest quality of products for rental décor in the area.

Our well-trained staff are the epitome of perfectionists when it comes to setting up for your event. In terms of weddings, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and that does not go unnoticed. We are also extremely timely. Oftentimes, we need to have our décor down on the tables before other things can happen (i.e. setting china or placing floral) so we know how important it is to be on time, every time. 

Q. Can you talk to us about the benefit of renting decor items vs. buying?  What are some common misconceptions?

A. There are several benefits of renting your décor! The first benefit is that you don’t have to worry about what you are going to do with all of your décor after your wedding. We take it all back! There isn’t a storage closet or basement full of items until you can either sell them or give them away to friends. You don’t have to have the hassle of posting of Facebook Marketplace or other online marketplaces. Having to juggle multiple people wanting your items, messaging back and forth, finding times for people to come pick up your items (or worse, having to meet people just to get rid of your stuff)!

Secondly, when you rent from Linen Effects, the products you receive are ready to go right on the table. No need to iron your tablecloths and chair covers to get that perfect look that you are striving for! No need to dry clean or wash your items afterwards to have them ready to sell, we will take care of that for you!

A third (but certainly not last) reason why renting is better than purchasing is that we are a full-service rental décor company. This means that we can do the set-up and teardown for you! No need to try to gather a crew of aunts and cousins the morning of your wedding for a frenzied set-up. You can relax and enjoy your day knowing that the professionals are there to make everything look perfect! At the end of the night, when everyone is tired and wanting to go home (and sometimes intoxicated), you won’t have to worry about if people are going to stay back to help pack everything up and load it in the multiple truck beds that you need to haul everything out. We will be there to gather your rentals!

Of course, I could go on and on as to why it is really beneficial to rent vs. purchase, but those are some highlights that we hear time and time again from those that chose to purchase but have regrets in the end for choosing that path…

Photo / /  Ali Leigh Photo

Q. How far in advance do you need to work with a client in order to put together their wedding decor order?

A. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis so you can really come in anytime to start working on your décor! We do ask that you have a date set and a venue chosen prior to discussing rentals. A date is needed to make sure that the rentals that you are interested in are going to be available for that day and a venue is needed as there are lots of factors that determine what is needed for rentals based on your venue. It also helps to know your approximate guest count (you of course won’t know your actual guest count until much, much closer to your wedding date).

When assessing a time to discuss rentals, a factor of what products you are looking to rent may determine when you start working with Linen Effects. For instance, Chiavari Chairs are a hot commodity (especially when you have our price point of $6.75 each). If you know you have your heart set on Gold Chiavaris for your wedding day, it is best to contact us sooner rather than later to get those booked! You can always add to your order as long as the products are available. So if you book the chiavaris that you love and down the road want to come in to add on linens and charger plates, that is totally do-able! 

Q. What is something unique about Linen Effects?  (a la carte rentals, minimum quantities, etc.)

A. Linen Effects doesn’t work in packages. Therefore, you are not tied to items that you don’t need/want for your décor! Everything is a la carte, so you are only renting the items that you truly want! 

Additionally, we don’t have any minimums on the products that you can rent! Want a sparkly cloth for your head table? Sounds great! Looking to add in some napkins in an accent color for your guest tables? Fantastic! Want to rent a loveseat for just you and your fiancé? You got it! We are happy to accommodate for any size order and we treat all orders equally – no matter how big or small!

Our showroom is also super unique! Though it is touched on earlier, it definitely deserves a second mention! We love that we can show clients full-size linens on full-size tables to really give them a feel for what their décor is going to look like!

Q. What does Linen Effects stand for?

A. Linen Effects stands for excellence! We achieve this by our creative style, quality products, large selection, outstanding service, high standards, and competitive prices!

For more information on Linen Effects visit their website by clicking here and be sure to give them a follow on Instagram!

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Vendors We Love / / Nora Events

Hi, Bride-To-Be! It’s time for another vendor spotlight! I love that as a wedding planner I get to introduce so many couples to their prospective wedding day vendors. A lot of people ask me how I go about finding the right fit for our clients and it comes down to a couple key things- one being style and the other being budget. Every wedding is different and that’s what I love most about serving today’s couple. I truly believe that each couple deserves to find their dream team of vendors and I love that I get to help our clients navigate their search! So whether your wedding style is traditional, modern, bohemian, sophisticated, elegant, or somewhere in between, trust us and know that we will find you the vendor that fits your style & budget best.

Today’s vendor spotlight is a new friendor that I met earlier this season at our client’s Lara + Dominic’s wedding. (Did you miss Lara + Dominic’s Real Weddings Blog? Click here for all of their details for some major wedding inspo!) DJ Sticky with Nora Events was an absolute crowd favorite at Lara + Dominic’s gorgeous Loring Social wedding and he had the dance floor PACKED (and when I say PACKED, I mean PACKED) all night long. In today’s blog, I’m excited to highlight DJ Sticky of Nora Events. I had so much fun working alongside DJ Sticky and was so impressed that he had the timeline down pat the entire evening. (He even came prepared with his own printed copy which for me is the best feeling ever because it shows me that he took the time to read the timeline I put together on behalf of our client’s. Vendors that work together and collaborate closely on wedding day are the best!) We highly recommend DJ Sticky for your wedding & event needs. (Did you know that Nora Events also offers photo booth services as well?!) Now, let’s get to know a little bit more about DJ Sticky of Nora Events.

DJ Sticky with  Nora Events   Photography / /  Ali Leigh Photo

DJ Sticky with Nora Events

Photography / / Ali Leigh Photo

Q. Tell us, how did you get started in the wedding industry and what do you love most about your work?
A. I started as a part time bar and club DJ and wanted that feeling of becoming my own boss. I love that every weekend is different. I remind my couples to make it their own, they don't have to follow the standard timeline or music playlist. Make it unique!

Q. Best advice for a couple looking for their wedding DJ?

A. When researching and interviewing DJs, ask your self if you could become friends with them. If the answer is NO, keep on researching!

Q. When you aren't working DJ gigs at weddings, what do you enjoy doing?

A. Working on house projects and playing with my 4 boys.

Q. What is your favorite spot in Minneapolis right now?

A. The Hutton House is hot right now!

Q. What's on your playlist/podcast/audible?

A. Always jamming to my playlist called "Sticky Vibes". It's great for getting work done in the morning or those sunset hangouts!
Q. What will couples love the most about working with you/what is something unique about your services that you don't see other DJs offer?

A. When I say I'll take care of you I really mean it. You'll be able to create a Must Play and Do Not Play Playlists. I'll use 99% of your playlist and mix in songs on the fly throughout the evening.

For more information on Nora Events including pricing click here and be sure to follow along on the ‘gram!

Real Weddings / / Courtney + Ian 08.17.19

Courtney + Ian’s wedding at Lumber Exchange Event Center in Downtown Minneapolis was complete with unique details including handmade wooden floral bouquets and boutonnieres, centerpieces with framed photos of the couple, and a cake topper with the bride & groom surrounded by their pups because who doesn’t love dogs?! Courtney + Ian said “I do” by having Ian’s uncle officiate their wedding as well as by having one of their groomsmen sing and play guitar during their ceremony. While the ceremony was short and sweet, it was filled with special touches for Courtney + Ian to cherish as they look back on their perfect wedding day.

Photography / /  Rachel Lahlum Photography

Courtney + Ian's guests were welcomed to cocktail hour as the newlywed couple took a breather in the bridal suite to relax just the two of them (we even handed off champagne to them as they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife!) and Courtney + Ian joined social hour before their grand march. Dinner was served and guests enjoyed entrees including chicken with wild rice and a veggie medley, braised beef short ribs, and cupcakes for dessert. Following first dances guests joined everyone on the dance floor and made their way to the photo booth until the very end of the evening so you know everyone had a great time!

the details







We are so honored to have been a part of Courtney + Ian’s wedding day and we’re wishing them the best as they are currently honeymooning in Italy! Congratulations to the newlywed Mr. & Mrs. Friebe!

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Vendors We Love / / Rachel Lahlum Photography

Hi, friends! It’s time for another vendor spotlight! I love that as a wedding planner I get to introduce so many couples to their prospective wedding day vendors. A lot of people ask me how I go about finding the right fit for our clients and it comes down to a couple key things- one being style and the other being budget. Every wedding is different and that’s what I love most about serving today’s couple. I truly believe that each couple deserves to find their dream team of vendors and I love that I get to help our clients navigate their search! So whether your wedding style is traditional, modern, bohemian, sophisticated, elegant, or somewhere in between, trust us and know that we will find you the vendor that fits your style & budget best.

Today’s vendor spotlight is a new friendor that I met over the weekend at our client’s Courtney & Ian’s wedding. Courtney & Ian’s wedding at The Lumber Exchange Event Center in downtown Minneapolis went so smooth, it was amazing! Every single vendor that showed up crushed it and delivered to ensure that Courtney & Ian had the best wedding day possible. What I love about working weddings is that at every event I get to meet someone new in the wedding industry. In today’s blog, I’m excited to highlight Rachel of Rachel Lahlum Photography. Rachel and her second shooter Caitlyn worked together as a dream team on Courtney & Ian’s wedding day and it was awesome to see both of them in action. Not only was Rachel efficient and timely at capturing Courtney & Ian’s wedding day, she was super friendly and fun to work with. We loved working alongside Rachel and hope to work with her again in the future. Now, let’s get to know a little bit more about Rachel of Rachel Lahlum Photography.

Q. Tell us, how did you get started in photography and what do you love most about your work?

A. My journey into wedding photography began while I was still in college studying writing and mass media communication -- I'd been working for my college newspaper, and some very brave friends asked me to photograph their weddings. I LOVED IT. But, I also knew I had a lot to learn. In 2012, I began second shooting for as many different photographers as possible to learn and grow, while also developing my own style of shooting and working with couples. I also began working for a meetings and events production company full time as a project manager and photographer. Both jobs have grown exponentially, and I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything other job. What I love most about being a wedding photographer is creating a set of stunning wedding images that will never be 100% recreated, based on the personalities of each couple, the weather that day, and the unique touches they've brought into their special day.

Q. Best advice for a couple looking for their wedding photographer?

A. Hands down, I believe you should choose someone you like. You should love their images of course, but your photographer's personality should be a good fit with yours. The relationship built between a photographer and a couple is extremely interpersonal -- they're a stranger you choose to capture the one of most intimate moments of your lives together. Even though you'll become friends throughout the process, an initial trust and interpersonal understanding will benefit both parties, and result in photos of your best you.

Q. When you aren't behind the camera capturing magic, what do you enjoy doing?

 A. Weddings aside, what I love most is spending time with my family. I've been married since 2014 (Nick and I met on Halloween; he was dressed as Prince Charming - no joke). In 2017, we had our little girl, Gwen, who amazes us every day with something new. Aside from general time together, our favorite things are traveling along the north shore, hiking, and visiting breweries (Nick works for a brewery in Northeast Minneapolis). We have two cats (Loki and Lola), and a dog (Indy). I also enjoy cooking, and lately have been diving into some watercolor painting.

 Q. What is your favorite spot in Minneapolis right now? (Personal or wedding related)

A. My favorite photo spots in Minneapolis are the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, from SE Main Street, and Father Hennepin Bluff Falls Park, both in Northeast Minneapolis. The future of both of these locations is not set in stone, as the city of Minneapolis doesn't maintain them as parks. I doubt they'll be around much longer, so I'm enjoying bringing couples to those locations while they're still accessible. 

Q. What's on your playlist/podcast/audible?

A. Because I spend a lot of my time working (two full time jobs will do that), I spend my commutes listening to crime podcasts and storytelling podcasts. The content is 100% unrelated to anything I do in real life, but I enjoy the glimpses into other parts of life and human nature. A couple of my favorite podcasts are "Criminal," "This American Life," and "Radio Lab."

 Q. What will couples love the most about working with you?

 A. I'm organized and detail-oriented, but also easygoing and relaxed. I love the carpentry proverb, "measure twice, cut once," and adapt it for the process I take when planning a photography schedule with the couples I work with. We meet twice during the pre-wedding planning process to develop a custom timeline and shot list to ensure we're finding the best balance for your day. That all said, I also understand there are so many moving elements -- sometimes things don't go as planned, and that's okay too. I like to "roll with the punches," so to speak, so if a family member is late to family photos, or hair and makeup go a bit longer than initially expected, we'll still make it happen (and we'll do it without panicking -- I promise it will be okay). I also believe in meeting couples where they're at when it comes to their comfort level of being photographed -- this means I may set a couple up with a pose, but then provide a prompt or let a moment unfold naturally, depending on the personality of each couple. Aside from great photos, my goal is for each couple I work with to have a seamless, stress-free and fun photography experience.

For more information on Rachel’s photography services visit her website by clicking here and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @rachelphotomn.

What To Know / / You Just Got Engaged, Now What?!

Bride to be, congratulations!! You’re engaged!!! This is such a special time in your life and you’re about to embark on such a huge life journey. You may be the bride who has been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl. You may have already thought of the dress you’ll wear, the type of venue you want to get married in, the color palette of your dreams, and all of the details in between. Or, you may be the bride who is totally clueless on what you want for your wedding day and that’s ok! In this blog of What To Know, we’re talking about what your first few steps should be after you just got engaged. Just remember, before you do anything, take it all in and enjoy being engaged. Take that ring selfie, show off your new fiancé, and pop some champagne because you’re getting married!

Photo / /  Sarah Ascanio

Photo / / Sarah Ascanio

What To Know / / One / / How Long Will Your Engagement Be?

Your new fiancé got down on one knee, popped the question, and you said yes! Your mind might be racing to all of the wedding ideas that you’ve had because you’re excited but first things first, talk with your new fiancé on how long of an engagement the two of you want to have. An average engagement lasts a year but if you extend it you’ll have that much more time to plan and potentially money to save. A wedding is likely going to be the most expensive life event that you have to plan so having a few extra months available to save will allow you to have more of the key things you want without having to stress about the costs right away. Another thing to consider when planning the length of your engagement is also checking out the new and upcoming venues that aren’t available yet. If you plan to have a longer engagement to get married in a brand new venue, it may persuade you to push out your wedding date just a little bit more to have access to a cool and unique venue that no one else has gotten married in yet.

What To Know / / Two / / What Time of Year Do You Want To Get Married?

When you first get engaged you will like be asked when your wedding date is set for by all of your friends, family, co-workers, and pretty much anyone and everyone in your life. Everyone loves a wedding! It’s ok to not have an exact wedding date set yet but one thing to keep in mind is the time of year you want to get married. Most of us Minnesotans will likely want to have a wedding during peak wedding season to enjoy some nice weather. Peak wedding season is anywhere from May-October however if you opt for a non-peak wedding season date from November-April you will likely be eligible for a discount on your venue. I love an off season wedding because it allows our clients to have more attention dedicated to them from all areas of the planning process. Keep these things in mind and you may decide a wedding in November is more your style than a June wedding, plus, it will save you some money in the long run!

What To Know / / Three / / What Other Events Are On Your Calendar?

When beginning to think about your wedding date, you will want to consider what other events are on your calendar or your family’s and friend’s calendar right away. Other weddings, vacations, or work commitments may be all things to consider when planning your wedding because it may affect the people that are the closest and most important to you. Level setting with your immediate family right away is always something that we recommend because they’ll likely know if there is another family event on the calendar. Also talking with your key friends and potential wedding party members right away is something we recommend as well because you will want them to be available not only for your wedding day but the events leading up to your wedding day including the rehearsal dinner, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, etc. And if you follow our first two What To Know recommendations in this blog, you will be concise when you get to speaking with your family & friends.

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What To Know / / When Shopping For Your Dream Wedding Dress

Happy Blog Day, Brides! Meghan here to give you some more tips & tricks for your wedding planning process and this week’s topic is what to know when shopping for your dream wedding dress. Wedding dress shopping (like much of the wedding planning process) may feel foreign to you. You may be wondering, how does it all work? Not only am I here to help give you some helpful tips and tricks from my perspective as a past bride myself, but also from the perspective as a bridal stylist! Some of you may know that in addition to working my own wedding planning business that I also work part time as a bridal stylist at a&bé bridal shop. I purchased my dress at a&bé and fell in love with my experience there. Long story short, I saw they were hiring, applied, and am so happy to be a part of the a&bé family! Perks of the job include playing dress up in our beautiful gowns and of course, providing brides a fun, laid back, and friendly experience to help them find their dream dress! Here are my top 5 what to know tips so that you are fully prepared for your wedding dress shopping experience.

Photo / /  Coral Mia Photography   Dress / /  Willowby  “Galatea”,  a&bé bridal shop,   a&bé mpls   Styling / /  buck & rose

Photo / / Coral Mia Photography

Dress / / Willowby “Galatea”, a&bé bridal shop, a&bé mpls

Styling / / buck & rose

What To Know / / One / / An Ideal Wedding Dress Timeline Takes About 9 Months.

Yes, girl. All wedding gowns are made to order, they are not mass produced! Think about it, this isn’t just a cute top that you’re picking up off the rack to purchase and wear for a date night out. This is your wedding dress! At a&bé, we work with a lot of smaller, independent designers who are hand-making these beauties as orders are coming in. Most gowns will take 4-6 months to be made plus you’ll want to account 2-3 months for your alterations, too, and yes, all gowns require alterations. Don’t have 9 months because your wedding date is rapidly approaching? Totally ok, but be prepared to pay some rush fees to ensure your gown will arrive on time.

What To Know / / Two / / Set A Realistic Budget.

Not sure how much you want to spend on your wedding dress? Do your research and be sure to ask for the price range of dresses your ideal shop carries. In addition to the range, ask them what their average dress cost is. Know that wedding gowns are made with superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and with beautiful fabrics that aren’t used in everyday scenarios. Not feeling the cost of wedding dresses? Check out bridal consignment shops in your local area for a steal on some gently worn gowns.

What To Know / / Three / / Do Your Inspo Homework.

As a bridal stylist, one of the most common comments that I hear from brides are “I have no idea what I want my wedding dress to look like.” Of course it’s usually your first time trying on a wedding dress, but try to nail down some key wants in a dress prior to your appointment. We always recommend for our brides to take a look at our Instagram feed as well as our website for some designer and style inspo prior to their appointment so that we can get a good feel for their bridal style. It’s also helpful to know what you don’t want- not a ball gown type of bride? Tell your stylist so that we don’t put you in one! We have limited time during your appointment which means we’ll want to explore as many styles as we need to help you find the “one.” I’m always one to throw in a curve ball just to see what you think if we have time.

Photo / /  Carly Mac Photography   Dress / /  Truvelle  “Julie”,  a&bé bridal shop ,  a&bé mpls   This is me on my wedding day! I loved my gown so much and still do looking back at all of our photos.

Photo / / Carly Mac Photography

Dress / / Truvelle “Julie”, a&bé bridal shop, a&bé mpls

This is me on my wedding day! I loved my gown so much and still do looking back at all of our photos.

What To Know / / Four / / Bring Your Key Decision Makers Only.

When you try on a wedding gown, be prepared to feel a roller coaster of emotions. You may laugh, you may cry, and overall, you’re going to have a feeling. You know yourself the best and while it may seem productive to bring all of your bridesmaids, your mom, future MIL, sisters, co-workers, friends, etc. I highly suggest you only bring your key decision makers. For me, it was my mom and my sister and that was it. I didn’t even show photos of my dress to anyone except a few of my bridesmaids because I didn’t want or need the commentary from everyone. Of course, you can hope that everyone will support you and ideally they should. I’ve seen brides become flustered, overwhelmed, and unable to make a decision because they feel uncomfortable with the group being involved in the decision process. My tip is to keep your group extremely small and only reserved for your true support system who will help you and support you in your decision. No need for the peanut gallery, this is not an episode of Say Yes to the Dress!

What To Know / / Five / / Listen To Your Gut!

Wedding dress shopping does not need to take more than one appointment! I always tell brides that they do not have to commit to the bridal appointment process more than they feel necessary because it’s a ton of work. A lot of brides want to see the different selections out there but realistically, you can find a good variety in one shop if you go to the right one. Try an a-line gown, try a fitted gown, try one with lace, try one without. Once you have tried on a good variety, you should be able to make a decision. I tried on a total of 5 dresses and I found my dream dress in one appointment at one shop. I wasn’t afraid of what else was out there because ultimately, I loved my dress and knew that it was for me. Listen to your gut because when you know, there’s no better feeling than popping that champagne to celebrate and when you can check one more thing off of your wedding planning checklist.

For more information on a&bé bridal shop or to book an appointment with one of our stylists (including me!) visit a&bé mpls by clicking here.

Real Advice / / How to Maximize Your Wedding Budget

Hey bride, do you have the wedding budget blues? We get it, wedding budgeting can seem so overwhelming and at times unrealistic. Unless you’ve helped plan another wedding or have gone through the process before, it’s likely that you will have some sort of sticker shock when it comes to the cost of weddings. Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in Minnesota is around $23,000 and the national average of weddings is around $35,000? We’re here to help provide you some tips and tricks to help manage your wedding budget to the max. We’ve worked with wedding budgets big & small and we can help you have your best wedding focusing on your biggest priorities for your special day. Let’s talk money, honey!

Photo / /  Ali Leigh Photo

We’re going to give you 3 wedding budgeting tips today to help you out! Not only will these tips help you level set and realize what is truly realistic when you start to plan your happiest day, these tips will also help show you where you should be spending the bulk of your wedding budget. First things first, you’ll need to come up with a dollar amount. Whether you’re paying for your wedding, you’re getting help from your parents, or your parents are paying for it all, the dollar amount needs to be set. Once it is set, you’ll need to decide which elements go in to your overall wedding budget. Does the budget include your dress or is your mom picking up the bill for that? Is your budget a firm one or can you flex it? If you flex, how much are you able to flex it? $100? $1,000? These are just some of the things that will need to be considered. Once you have that number figured out, write it down and stick to it. Now, onto those tips that will help you plan the wedding you’ve been dreaming of…

Wedding Budget Tip # 1: Establish what your top 2-3 wants for your wedding day.

When we meet with our clients, we always ask what their top 2-3 wants are for their wedding day. This not only helps us give a good idea of what they’re envisioning but where we are going to need to level set with them for wedding budgeting. Regardless of if the budget is big or small, the top 2-3 wants for the couple are going to be our most important areas to tackle first. Is it having an open bar the entire night? Is it booking that new sought after venue that you’re dying to get married in? Or is it having the florist that you've been fawning over on Instagram to arrange your wedding bouquets? While you may be overwhelmed in determining your top 2-3 wants, it is super important to help bring your wedding day vision and experience to life. If you’re planning on splurging on the bar and the venue, you may have to reel in your dollars for other areas. Spending less on items like your flowers, decor, & DJ might be a reality for you to have that dream venue or an open bar. While it may not be fun to think about, it’s going to help you maintain your budget and also your expectations.

Photo / /  Ali Leigh Photo

Photo / / Ali Leigh Photo

Wedding Budget Tip # 2: Do your research!

If you aren’t planning on working with a wedding planner when planning for your wedding day, we highly recommend that you do your research. Often times, couples are blindsided by extra fees that they run into when booking a vendor. When you start shopping for your venue, photographer, florist, DJ, caterer, anyone & everyone related to your wedding day we always recommend that you ask for a contract in writing before booking their services. When reviewing the contract things to look for would be any additional fees for them to provide service to you on your wedding day. This includes the cost of labor, service fees, pick up/drop off costs, & also even the little things such as parking fees, hotel or lodging fees (especially important if your wedding is not located within a 50 mile radius of where you booked your vendor), holiday premium fees, the list goes on. The reason to be aware of these things is because if you aren’t prepared to pay the fees, or if you didn’t read the contract terms in full, you may have to cut into your wedding budget to pay the bill.

Did you know that when you book a full service planning package with buck & rose that we help review all of your vendor’s contract terms? Often times, we’re even able to help add value to your booked service or offer you a discount with some of our preferred vendors! Another reason to hire a wedding planner, we help you maximize your budget and save you money!

Wedding Budget Tip # 3: Breathe a sigh of relief, you’re getting married!

You’re about to embark on a once in a lifetime experience! We know that weddings can be stressful and cause a lot of tough conversations to be had. Just remember that you’re getting married and the most important thing about the day is you & your fiancé. Your guests want to be there to see you take part in one of life’s most sacred milestones. Sure, everyone would love an open bar. A dreamy venue. Flowers for days. The best DJ to pack the dance floor full. Focus on your top 2-3 wants and be okay with pulling back in other areas to maintain your budget. You’ve got this, girl!

Vendors We Love / / Surdyk's Catering

When thinking about what type of food and service you want for your wedding day, you may not be fully aware of all of the different options available to you when planning your wedding. While some venues require the couple to use their own caterer (or pay a fee if deciding to bring in an outside caterer for your wedding day), a lot of couples don’t know what decisions they will have to make when it comes to catering for their wedding day. Are the appetizers and drinks during cocktail hour butler passed? Is the dinner service planned to be a buffet, family style, or plated? Is it noted which guests have food allergies? Are there enough servers on staff for the event to quickly clear empty plates and refill water glasses?

While there are a lot of considerations to be made when selecting and planning for your catering plan for your wedding day, we always recommend choosing a caterer that is able to provide the food that is reflective of you as a couple. Having a more casual wedding reception located at your favorite brewery? A plated chicken entree may not match your vibe. At buck & rose, we’re here to help you find your favorite vendors for your wedding day. We’re here to help plan your wedding to be uniquely your own and we’re committed to helping you find the best vendors that not only fit your budget, but your style as a couple, too!

In this blog of Vendors We Love, we’re so excited to introduce you to Surdyk’s Catering, one of our all time favorite caterers to work with. Surdyk’s Catering provides delicious, seasonal, globally-inspired catering for events big and small. Whether you’re looking for boxed lunches for a meeting, finger foods for cocktail hour, a grand display of artisan cheeses and charcuterie for a gala event, or a formal, seated meal for the wedding of your dreams, Surdyk’s can do it all. I had the chance to speak with Natalie Bowers, Sales Manager for Surdyk’s Catering and we got all the scoop on what help makes Surdyk’s Catering a top choice for couples all around the Twin Cities & beyond. Here’s what Natalie had to say…

Vendors We Love / / Surdyk’s Catering


Q. Tell us, what is Surdyk's Catering most well known and what do couples enjoy about choosing Surdyk's as their wedding day caterer? 

A. At Surdyk's Catering we believe that at the end of the day, it's all about the food. We are well known for sourcing the best local, sustainably produced, organic ingredients available, and everything we serve is made from scratch in our kitchen. Not only do we hope our couples love the menu they have at their wedding but we also hope they love the experience that they have working with our entire team to plan one of the most important days of their lives. 

Q. What should couples know when booking their caterer of choice for their wedding day?  Any helpful tips or tricks? 

A. Couples should really think about the type of dining experience they want for their guests as there are a variety of ways to serve food at your wedding. We would suggest they ask to see a few types of proposal options (plated meal, dinner buffet, reception style, etc.) so they can get an idea on overall costs, flow of event and suggested quantities for each style of service. Couples should also double check to see what each caterer is offering as a part of their service as every caterer’s offerings are different.

Q. What other events does Surdyk's Catering offer services to? 

A. We work with a diverse clientele and offer a variety of catering options from drop off, pick up or delivery with set up catering (boxed lunches, sandwich platters, party platters, etc.) and full service catering options for corporate events, social events and everything in between. 

Q. What will couples love the most about working with Surdyk's Catering for their special day? 

A. Our food is really the star of our show but we also pride ourselves on providing the best customer service we can from start to finish. We want to make sure our couples know that we are there for them every step of the way and can answer any type of question they have whenever they have it. Our sales team, coordinators, kitchen team and onsite staff treat every wedding with the utmost care to help ensure that every couple is happy and that their wedding is a success.

Q. How far in advance should couples reach out to inquire about their wedding day? 

A. We think that couple’s should reach out before or as soon as they book their venue so they can get an understanding of overall costs and offerings. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding and food is an important aspect of the day that should not be put on hold. Many caterers have limited availability so the sooner you start the conversation the better.

Photography / /  Sarah Ascanio

Photography / / Sarah Ascanio

be sure to give surdyk’s catering a follow on instagram @surdykscatering and visit their website for more information on their wedding day services at

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Venues We Love / / ARIA Mpls

When you are recently engaged and looking for a wedding venue, you may not be fully privy to all of the different considerations you need to keep in mind when scouting for your dream wedding location. We get it, for the most part, planning your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and you may not know what to look for when you start planning your wedding day unless you have a planner there to guide you. In this new edition of our vendor spotlight, we are here to help highlight our favorite venues and share some unique facts about each of them. Consider this your wedding venue 4-1-1. To kick it off, we are so excited to introduce you to one of our all time favorite event venues, ARIA Mpls.

venues we love / / ARIA Mpls

Photography / /    Sarah Ascanio

Photography / / Sarah Ascanio

We had the opportunity to kick off our 2019 season at ARIA Mpls and we immediately fell in love with everything about this unique venue space. From the stunning chandeliers to the cool exposed brick, ARIA Mpls serves as a versatile canvas and their staff will work closely with you to transform the space to the vision you have in mind for your event. After working alongside the ARIA Mpls team for one of our client’s May wedding, we were hooked and we want to shout from the rooftops why anyone in need of a venue location should consider ARIA Mpls for their wedding day.

As a wedding planner, I work with so many different teams on our client’s wedding day and I was thoroughly impressed with everyone that I encountered at ARIA Mpls. From the security staff to the building services team and beyond, everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and enjoyable to work with. Esteban was the Event Manager assigned for our client’s Kia & Alexander’s wedding day and he was awesome! Esteban was there to greet me when set up began and he made sure that as a coordinator I had everything I needed to execute our client’s vision to perfection. ARIA Mpls boasts huge accolades, they’ve been named the Best Venue in America for the last 4 consecutive years and we totally see why. ARIA Mpls is so deserving of all of their kudos and we’re excited to be able to featuring them as our very first Venue We Love!

I recently had the chance to ask Sarah McKee, the General Manager of ARIA Mpls if she could help answer some of our top questions that we get asked from our clients when they begin searching for the wedding venue. Here’s what she had to say about everything and why couples will love ARIA Mpls.

Q. What about ARIA Mpls would you like for couples to know when searching for their wedding venue?

A. Every couple should have a chat about their priorities before they begin researching vendors of any kind. If you can define the three or so things that are the most meaningful to you both, it gets you on the same page and it's easier to feel confident allocating your resources in a way that will have the most impact before you are locked into anything.

Q. What will couples love the most about having their wedding day at ARIA Mpls?

A. The flexibility and beauty of the space make a huge impact on guests! There are so many opportunities to customize the experience to reflect the style and personality of the couple. As a former theater, we can execute so many decor elements that can't be done elsewhere from hanging floral installations or clusters of chandeliers, to having live performers suspended from the ceiling! Seeing the expressions on the faces a couple when they first see how their vision has come to life on the big day is the most rewarding part of the planning process!

Q. How does ARIA Mpls work with the couple to help create their perfect wedding day?

A. We really focus on being resources to couples. We have an incredible building, but just as importantly, we have years of experience and consistently receive "best venue" awards due to our commitment to our couples. We love helping people through the planning process and even host a "Wedding 411" industry expert panel event that is open to anyone, regardless of where they intend to host, to provide clarity on the more commonly misunderstood aspects of planning.

Q. What other events are hosted at ARIA Mpls besides weddings?

A. ARIA also hosts concerts, performances, fashion shows, fundraisers, and corporate events. We have the flexibility and infrastructure to host a huge variety of amazing events!

Q. What are the amenities that ARIA Mpls has to offer their couples and what makes them unique?

A. Both aesthetically and logistically, ARIA is really one of a kind. We offer a massive amount of flexibility with many ceremony setup styles and backdrops, mobile bars, places to put a dance floor, room orientation options, in-house really allows us to custom create a dream experience that reflects the couple's style.

be sure to give ARIA Mpls a follow on Instagram @ariampls and visit their website for more information on their wedding day services at

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