how to avoid wedding pitfalls


by definition a pitfall is a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty.  as a couple, you are both going to be thrown curve balls and you’ll have some hoops to jump through when planning your wedding- it’s inevitable, so even if you’re the most organized, type A, perfect communicator, you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, get ready, because you will run in to some unexpected challenges.  but breathe, it’s o-k!  in the end, everything always has a way of working out.  (and hopefully you have a wedding planner/kick ass problem solver to help because that’s what we’re here for!!)  it would be impossible for me to list everything that could potentially go wrong on your wedding day- it could rain cats & dogs and you were planning for an outdoor ceremony, your cake could be MIA because they sent the order to the wrong location, your DJ could show up literally just minutes before the start of the ceremony (yes, that happened to us at our wedding)… so i’m here to help you avoid wedding pitfalls that you may not even think of.

1. you don’t plan your decor according to your venue

so let’s say you booked an amazing rustic venue- it’s going to be perfect for countryside details- think mason jar centerpieces, wood details, burlap banners, baby’s breath bridesmaid bouquets… but then you realize your entire pinterest board has decor ideas fit for a black tie wedding.  your venue should match your decor and while certain venues like industrial warehouses can create for a unique mix of details (usually they’re beautiful blank canvases that will go with any decor you choose), typically you should have your vision for your decor in mind before you pick your venue.  a simplified approach to planning your decor is by choosing elements that reflect both you and your fiancé.  think of what colors you gravitate towards and what about both of you is important for your guests to capture the day of your wedding.  still not sure what that vision might be?  your wedding planner can help you get to the bottom of the vision and will have some awesome suggestions for you.


2. you don’t plan for hidden costs

while most vendors require deposits for their services, you will be given additional payment due dates for the remainder of your services closer to your wedding date.  if you don’t pay your vendors on time, you’ll likely be charged a late payment fee that can add up to be very costly.  if you have a wedding planner they will likely be in charge of getting your payments to your vendors but if you don’t have a wedding planner, you will need to be extra cautious and organized to make sure you don’t miss anything!  surprise charges will also arise- anything from alteration charges, vendor gratuities, catering adjustments, you name it… create a list of these anticipated fees so that you have cash at hand ready.


3. you don’t hire a wedding planner or coordinator.

while most couples want to be involved in the planning, you don’t realize how much work it is and how much stress it can add to both of your plates until you’re in the midst of the planning.  the most stressful part of planning arises as you inch closer and closer to your wedding day.  the month before your wedding will be filled with final confirmations and to-dos from your vendors before your special day, and the week before your wedding your phones will be ringing off the hook to confirm final details.  you’re going to be busier than you think with managing of friends and family coming into town, hosting your rehearsal dinner, getting bridal party gifts wrapped and ready, the list goes on… unforeseen challenges will pop up, and this will leave you sorting out the chaos instead of enjoying the most special time of your lives.  avoid all of this by hiring a wedding planner.  even if you don’t have the budget for a full service planner, you likely can budget in a month-of or day-of coordinator that will help you take all of these last minute meetings and phone calls off of your plates.  not to mention, they are also there to help put out the fires so you don’t have to.  you deserve to be focused on each other and nothing else!  


i’ve always been a believer in having a plan and working the plan… and to always have a back up plan or two ready, just in case!  then you’ll be ready for all of those pitfalls, but at least you now know a few to avoid right away!



Alex Buck