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Hi, friends! I’m so excited to share with you our newest vendor spotlight, and I have to admit, she’s one of my all time favorites! Did you know that you can hire a custom stationery designer for all of your wedding day paper good needs? Anything from menus, place cards, programs, invites, you name it, Stephanie from Copper & Carbon does it! As a wedding planner, I get to work with a lot of vendors. At buck & rose, we want you to find vendors that are not only a fit within your desired budget, but we also want you to find vendors that you L-O-V-E, LOVE! Sometimes finding vendors is harder than it seems. Not to mention, there are so many options, which is great, but the amount of choices can also be super overwhelming. Browsing through The Knot, WeddingWire, or wherever you’re searching for your vendors can take a lot of time and while planning your wedding is a big project, we also want you to ENJOY being engaged! I wanted to highlight vendors that we love at buck & rose. We’ve worked with them side by side and we have nothing but major vendor crushes on them.

vendors we love / / copper & carbon

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1. Tell us, how did you get started designing custom stationery and what do you love most about your work?

I have a design degree from UW-Madison; it’s actually in Interior Design, but my favorite part of the program was communicating my ideas visually through graphic design- selecting fonts and graphic elements to help articulate the vibe of the design in my head was the part I geeked out on the most in school. Today as a stationery designer, the thing I love most about my work is that I get to utilize my creativity to deliver beautiful designs to my clients that capture the spirit of their relationship, and the aesthetic of their big day.

2. What do you want couples to know about Copper & Carbon and what should they expect when working with you?

I love creating completely custom designs for my clients; whether you are someone who has a really strong idea of exactly what you want, or have no idea, I am happy to work with you and we’ll come up with something amazing. I’m a very left-brain/right-brain person, so while I excel in the creative space at making things pretty, I also have a more analytical side that helps me design in a smart way to solve problems. Now more than ever, a couple’s wedding is tailored unique to them- they’ve designed activities, accommodations and other details for their friends and family that will need to be communicated in their wedding stationery, which can make it really difficult to work with a templated or "out-of-the-box” design- that’s where I come in! I listen to my clients and help design the stationery that will both look beautiful, AND communicate the important info- whether it’s an extra insert or a specialized R.S.V.P., I’ve got you covered!

3. When you aren't designing beautiful stationery, what do you enjoy doing?

Tough question! As dorky as it sounds, I wind up spending a lot of my nights and weekends crafting and innovating new designs- I just can’t help myself! But when I do get out of the office, you can find me on a patio at Happy Hour with my friends, traveling with my husband, getting together with my family, or lately, I’ve been tagging along on some rock-climbing adventures with my husband, Keith. 

4. What is your favorite spot in Minneapolis right now?

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner or Late-Night, my favorite spot in Minneapolis is Tilia in Linden Hills. It’s great for date night, dinner with family to celebrate a special occasion, or to grab drinks with a gal pal (or three!)

5. What's currently on your playlist/podcast/audible?

I listen to a lot of pop music on Apple Music- especially while I’m working because it keeps me really motivated and cheery. I love a good true-crime podcast when I’m looking for something a little more serious and intriguing; a friend recommended “Sword & Scale” to me several months ago so I’ve been working my way through some of those. When I’m in my car, you might catch me driving around with my windows down indulging in some very loud 90s on 9 or Pop2K on XM radio. 

6. What will couples love the most about working with you?

I work really hard to capture the style my couples are looking for- I genuinely love what I do so much and I’m so passionate about making my clients’ wedding stationery really stand out so it’s incredibly special when their guests receive it in the mail or see it around at the reception adding style in a cohesive way to the event.  Nothing makes me happier than when I deliver an order to a client and know that I’ve added something really special to a very important time in their life.

be sure to give stephanie a follow on instagram @copperandcarbon and for more information on her stationery services visit her website at <3

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