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Hey bride, do you have the wedding budget blues? We get it, wedding budgeting can seem so overwhelming and at times unrealistic. Unless you’ve helped plan another wedding or have gone through the process before, it’s likely that you will have some sort of sticker shock when it comes to the cost of weddings. Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in Minnesota is around $23,000 and the national average of weddings is around $35,000? We’re here to help provide you some tips and tricks to help manage your wedding budget to the max. We’ve worked with wedding budgets big & small and we can help you have your best wedding focusing on your biggest priorities for your special day. Let’s talk money, honey!

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We’re going to give you 3 wedding budgeting tips today to help you out! Not only will these tips help you level set and realize what is truly realistic when you start to plan your happiest day, these tips will also help show you where you should be spending the bulk of your wedding budget. First things first, you’ll need to come up with a dollar amount. Whether you’re paying for your wedding, you’re getting help from your parents, or your parents are paying for it all, the dollar amount needs to be set. Once it is set, you’ll need to decide which elements go in to your overall wedding budget. Does the budget include your dress or is your mom picking up the bill for that? Is your budget a firm one or can you flex it? If you flex, how much are you able to flex it? $100? $1,000? These are just some of the things that will need to be considered. Once you have that number figured out, write it down and stick to it. Now, onto those tips that will help you plan the wedding you’ve been dreaming of…

Wedding Budget Tip # 1: Establish what your top 2-3 wants for your wedding day.

When we meet with our clients, we always ask what their top 2-3 wants are for their wedding day. This not only helps us give a good idea of what they’re envisioning but where we are going to need to level set with them for wedding budgeting. Regardless of if the budget is big or small, the top 2-3 wants for the couple are going to be our most important areas to tackle first. Is it having an open bar the entire night? Is it booking that new sought after venue that you’re dying to get married in? Or is it having the florist that you've been fawning over on Instagram to arrange your wedding bouquets? While you may be overwhelmed in determining your top 2-3 wants, it is super important to help bring your wedding day vision and experience to life. If you’re planning on splurging on the bar and the venue, you may have to reel in your dollars for other areas. Spending less on items like your flowers, decor, & DJ might be a reality for you to have that dream venue or an open bar. While it may not be fun to think about, it’s going to help you maintain your budget and also your expectations.

Photo / /  Ali Leigh Photo

Photo / / Ali Leigh Photo

Wedding Budget Tip # 2: Do your research!

If you aren’t planning on working with a wedding planner when planning for your wedding day, we highly recommend that you do your research. Often times, couples are blindsided by extra fees that they run into when booking a vendor. When you start shopping for your venue, photographer, florist, DJ, caterer, anyone & everyone related to your wedding day we always recommend that you ask for a contract in writing before booking their services. When reviewing the contract things to look for would be any additional fees for them to provide service to you on your wedding day. This includes the cost of labor, service fees, pick up/drop off costs, & also even the little things such as parking fees, hotel or lodging fees (especially important if your wedding is not located within a 50 mile radius of where you booked your vendor), holiday premium fees, the list goes on. The reason to be aware of these things is because if you aren’t prepared to pay the fees, or if you didn’t read the contract terms in full, you may have to cut into your wedding budget to pay the bill.

Did you know that when you book a full service planning package with buck & rose that we help review all of your vendor’s contract terms? Often times, we’re even able to help add value to your booked service or offer you a discount with some of our preferred vendors! Another reason to hire a wedding planner, we help you maximize your budget and save you money!

Wedding Budget Tip # 3: Breathe a sigh of relief, you’re getting married!

You’re about to embark on a once in a lifetime experience! We know that weddings can be stressful and cause a lot of tough conversations to be had. Just remember that you’re getting married and the most important thing about the day is you & your fiancé. Your guests want to be there to see you take part in one of life’s most sacred milestones. Sure, everyone would love an open bar. A dreamy venue. Flowers for days. The best DJ to pack the dance floor full. Focus on your top 2-3 wants and be okay with pulling back in other areas to maintain your budget. You’ve got this, girl!