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When you are recently engaged and looking for a wedding venue, you may not be fully privy to all of the different considerations you need to keep in mind when scouting for your dream wedding location. We get it, for the most part, planning your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and you may not know what to look for when you start planning your wedding day unless you have a planner there to guide you. In this new edition of our vendor spotlight, we are here to help highlight our favorite venues and share some unique facts about each of them. Consider this your wedding venue 4-1-1. To kick it off, we are so excited to introduce you to one of our all time favorite event venues, ARIA Mpls.

venues we love / / ARIA Mpls

Photography / /    Sarah Ascanio

Photography / / Sarah Ascanio

We had the opportunity to kick off our 2019 season at ARIA Mpls and we immediately fell in love with everything about this unique venue space. From the stunning chandeliers to the cool exposed brick, ARIA Mpls serves as a versatile canvas and their staff will work closely with you to transform the space to the vision you have in mind for your event. After working alongside the ARIA Mpls team for one of our client’s May wedding, we were hooked and we want to shout from the rooftops why anyone in need of a venue location should consider ARIA Mpls for their wedding day.

As a wedding planner, I work with so many different teams on our client’s wedding day and I was thoroughly impressed with everyone that I encountered at ARIA Mpls. From the security staff to the building services team and beyond, everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and enjoyable to work with. Esteban was the Event Manager assigned for our client’s Kia & Alexander’s wedding day and he was awesome! Esteban was there to greet me when set up began and he made sure that as a coordinator I had everything I needed to execute our client’s vision to perfection. ARIA Mpls boasts huge accolades, they’ve been named the Best Venue in America for the last 4 consecutive years and we totally see why. ARIA Mpls is so deserving of all of their kudos and we’re excited to be able to featuring them as our very first Venue We Love!

I recently had the chance to ask Sarah McKee, the General Manager of ARIA Mpls if she could help answer some of our top questions that we get asked from our clients when they begin searching for the wedding venue. Here’s what she had to say about everything and why couples will love ARIA Mpls.

Q. What about ARIA Mpls would you like for couples to know when searching for their wedding venue?

A. Every couple should have a chat about their priorities before they begin researching vendors of any kind. If you can define the three or so things that are the most meaningful to you both, it gets you on the same page and it's easier to feel confident allocating your resources in a way that will have the most impact before you are locked into anything.

Q. What will couples love the most about having their wedding day at ARIA Mpls?

A. The flexibility and beauty of the space make a huge impact on guests! There are so many opportunities to customize the experience to reflect the style and personality of the couple. As a former theater, we can execute so many decor elements that can't be done elsewhere from hanging floral installations or clusters of chandeliers, to having live performers suspended from the ceiling! Seeing the expressions on the faces a couple when they first see how their vision has come to life on the big day is the most rewarding part of the planning process!

Q. How does ARIA Mpls work with the couple to help create their perfect wedding day?

A. We really focus on being resources to couples. We have an incredible building, but just as importantly, we have years of experience and consistently receive "best venue" awards due to our commitment to our couples. We love helping people through the planning process and even host a "Wedding 411" industry expert panel event that is open to anyone, regardless of where they intend to host, to provide clarity on the more commonly misunderstood aspects of planning.

Q. What other events are hosted at ARIA Mpls besides weddings?

A. ARIA also hosts concerts, performances, fashion shows, fundraisers, and corporate events. We have the flexibility and infrastructure to host a huge variety of amazing events!

Q. What are the amenities that ARIA Mpls has to offer their couples and what makes them unique?

A. Both aesthetically and logistically, ARIA is really one of a kind. We offer a massive amount of flexibility with many ceremony setup styles and backdrops, mobile bars, places to put a dance floor, room orientation options, in-house really allows us to custom create a dream experience that reflects the couple's style.

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