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Hi, friends! I hope you’re all doing well and for you brides out there, that your wedding planning is coming along smoothly! We are in peak wedding season and we have been busy bees over here planning, organizing, & coordinating the details for all of our buck & rose couples. We are so excited for all of our couples weddings that are coming up and we know they are going to be exactly what they envisioned! Have you seen our latest Real Weddings blog on our first buck & rose couple of the season? Kia & Alexander’s ARIA Mpls wedding was stunning- go read about it here!

A topic that I’ve been discussing quite a bit recently with prospective clients and vendors is the different between a Venue Coordinator and a Day-Of Coordinator. So many times I hear “my venue comes with a coordinator so I don’t need a Day-Of Coordinator” and while some venues do indeed include some type of coordinator, the couple is not always clear on the actual job expectations of their said venue coordinator and a lot of times in the end, tasks and projects get left behind on the day of your wedding and someone is left to pick up the slack. Wedding budgets are tough to navigate sometimes and it is natural to want to cut costs where you think you can. Often times people choose to not hire a wedding planner that offers coordination services because it’s not viewed as a necessity and they think that they can get by without one. I know this because I experienced this first hand when I was a bride and looking back, I would give anything to have hired a professional day-of coordinator to have looked over my wedding day for me. Instead of enjoying mimosas and relaxing with my bridesmaids, I was setting up our venue. Part of this is my fault because I’m extremely type A (are you surprised? Nope! Me neither!) and didn’t want anyone else to set up for me because like any bride, I wanted everything to be perfect and I didn’t trust anyone else to carry out my vision. Mistake. Don’t do what I did! There are amazing professional coordinators who can and will carry out your vision. Trust them! To help illustrate why you should hire a professional Day-Of Coordinator, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should hire a professional Day-Of Coordinator and some examples within each reason.

Reason 1: You’ll Have a Liaison Between You & All of Your Vendors

Your vendors will have questions. They will need a contact person the day of your event. Instead of having them call you or your bridal party members, a professional Day-Of Coordinator will work with them ahead of time to make certain they are all set to execute their tasks and duties on your wedding day. Plus, then they aren’t coming to you on your wedding day with questions or hiccups. (Yes, things happen.) The week before your wedding your vendors will be reaching out to confirm all of the final details so that they’re clear on where to go, who to find, how to set up, what the timeline looks like, etc. The week of your wedding you will have so much going on including all of your appointments: spray tans, manicures, pedicures, wax appointments, you name it! Don’t forget your rehearsal dinner! Instead of having your vendors contact you, they will have a professional to go to and you’ll be able to rest easy and relax.

Good To Know: With a buck & rose Wedding Day Coordination package, we work with you ahead of time to construct the perfect timeline for your wedding day so that nothing is overlooked or forgotten so that we can take care of all of your other vendors come time for your special day!

Reason 2: They’ll Help Bring Your Wedding Day Vision To Life

Think of all of those little things such as programs, place cards, menu cards, signage, guest book table decor, gift table items, memory table photos, and in some cases centerpieces if your florist won’t be on site on the day of your wedding.

This is the example that I get all the time when prospective clients say that they don’t need a professional Day-Of Coordinator because their venue comes with one. More often than not, the venue coordinator is there to ensure that the venue is clean and that all common areas within the venue are taken care of. They also help setting up the foundation for your ceremony and reception by setting up tables, chairs, and also helping with the room flip to transition from your ceremony to your reception. Usually, a venue coordinator does not touch any decor that you’re bringing with you. I know this because I experienced this on my wedding day. I set up our head table decor and place cards, our desserts (since we had gone with an outside caterer), gift table, guest book table, place cards for all of our guests, guest favors, and all of our centerpieces. It took me about 3 hours to complete my venue set up and then I was finally free to go to hair and makeup and I was stressed. Those 3 hours I spent setting up for our wedding day, I should have been relaxing and enjoying getting ready with my bridesmaids. Instead, I was stressed and running around like crazy.

Tip: if your venue comes with a coordinator, be sure that you ask specifically what their job expectations are. This will help you decide if you should hire a professional coordinator or not, and trust me, if I were you, I would!

One of my favorite tasks as a wedding coordinator… lighting all the candles!

One of my favorite tasks as a wedding coordinator… lighting all the candles!

Reason 3: You Deserve To Enjoy Your Wedding Day Without Stress

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. You should be able to enjoy it and you should be able to be fully present in the moment instead of worrying about if your timeline is on schedule and moving according to plan. When hiring a Day-Of Coordinator, you’re hiring a professional to oversee your entire event and they’ll do it well because they have done this before! We get it, you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to your wedding day because it’s your first time going through it! I always tell my clients that hiring a professional Day-Of Coordinator is like investing in an emotional insurance policy for their happiest day. You have someone in your corner to make sure everything goes according to plan, and if it goes off track, someone to help get it back on track without stress!

Tip: If you have any worries about guests or tough family dynamics, share them with your coordinator. Did you make it clear that no kids were allowed at your ceremony but you see little ones making their way in to your ceremony? We’re able to keep an eye out for any tough situations that can arise at your wedding. If we know about it ahead of time, we’re able to talk about a plan and execute in the event that something happens that shouldn’t happen at your wedding.

Reason 4: Your Vendors Will Appreciate It!

So often I hear vendors say “thank goodness our couple hired a Day-Of Coordinator!” This one is plain and simple, your vendors feel supported and they know what to expect when there is a professional hired to oversee your wedding day. When you don’t have a Day-Of Coordinator hired for your wedding day, the many jobs of that coordinator, fall onto all of your other vendors. Think of it this way- would you want your photographer worrying about if the DJ has arrived on time to start the ceremony as scheduled? No! Your photographer wants to stay in their own lane and give you unforgettable images that you are going to look back on for the rest of your lives. When you don’t have a Day-Of Coordinator hired to support them and the rest of your event, the rest of your vendors will be picking up the slack and you won’t get the best out of them, which, isn’t that why you hired them in the first place? Let your vendors do their jobs and execute flawlessly.

Good To Know: When hiring buck & rose for your wedding day needs, we reach out to your vendors immediately to introduce ourselves if we haven’t already worked with them in the past, or if we have worked with them just to say hi and that we’re excited to work with them again! That way, your vendors will know who to go to with any questions leading up to your wedding day and especially on your wedding day. Trust me, the last thing your vendors want is to bother you with questions that they can get answered by a professional overseeing your wedding day.

Reason 5: It Will Be The Best Money You Spend For Your Special Day

buck & rose bride Kia Atsales’ testimonial says it all. Here’s what she had to say about hiring buck & rose for her wedding day coordination needs.

“I am so glad that I found Meghan [from buck & rose] to help with our special day! She was always well organized, friendly, and willing to help with anything and everything we needed. She went above and beyond to make sure that my husband and I had a wonderful day. Her assistance with the day of coordination of our wedding day was the best money that we spent for our wedding. I would highly recommend her! Thanks so much Meghan!!”

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