colorful boho fall styled shoot

hi guys! hope you’re all doing well & happy valentine’s day! i hope you get the opportunity to tell someone you love them, do something nice for someone you love, & eat / / drink all of the valentine’s day treats out there! i’ll be celebrating my first valentine’s day as a married couple with my hubby and am so excited to be able to have a fun date night with him on such a fun day! ok, i’ll admit, when I was single I didn’t always love valentine’s day (and galentine’s hadn’t really made it big yet) but whether you are single, married, divorced, whatever… today is all about showing someone special to you some love. or, heck, be selfish and show your self some love by treating yourself to a manicure, nice bottle of champagne, or something else fun!


alright, on to today’s blog which is all about our styled photo shoot from the fall. styled shoots are a great way to network, collaborate, and partner with other wedding vendors. it’s especially awesome to do them during the off-season because it allows us to have more time to work with one another and work with each other more creatively. i was fortunate enough to meet one of my all-time favorite wedding vendors, sam who owns glamorous by sam. i initially “met” sam in a facebook group for other local wedding vendors and noticed that she was looking for vendors to collaborate with on a styled photoshoot. we got to talking and before i knew it, sam literally just trusted me with her vision of this shoot and i was off partnering with other vendors, building our team, and executing all of the planning to make this happen. shoutout to sam- and thank you for trusting me with your vision! this shoot was so much fun to be a part of and i am so honored that you allowed me to step in and plan all of the details to make this happen!

Sam at work with our beautiful bride, Annie!

Sam at work with our beautiful bride, Annie!

our vision for this shoot was boho chic with pops of color. i’m a sucker for a rustic venue but to add vibrant colors? beyond gorgeous. i’m so happy with how all of our efforts came together. all of the vendors that we worked with were hard working, accommodating, and experts at what they craft. i can only describe the outcome of our day spent together as pure magic. it was truly a proud moment and i met some awesome people and can’t wait to work with them again!

venue / / Almquist Farm

photographer / / Nahly Vue Photography

second shooter / / Kody Thao Photography

planning & coordination / / buck & rose

mua / / Glam by Sam

hair / / Nikki Nordstrom, Corabella Studio

bridal gown / / The Wedding Shoppe

bridesmaids dresses / / Kennedy Blue

menswear / / Knights Chamber Clothiers

rings & pendant / / The Jeweler Ryan

bride & bridesmaids earrings / / Christina Marlene Jewelry

bridesmaid jewelry / / Jes B Jewelry Designs

blooms / / Tulips & A Kiss

decor / / Vintage Soirees

cake / / Maranda Shae, Profile Cake Studio

truffles / / The House of Brigadeiros

stationary / / Studio 3ten

model / / bride, Annie Sorgaard

model / / groom, Nick Sorgaard

model / / bridesmaid, Tish

model / / bridesmaid, Padra

model / / groomsmen, Leo

model / / groomsmen, William

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our hawaiian honeymoon!

hi guys!!  or maybe i should say, aloha!!  alex & i just got back from maui about a week ago and we had the best time everrrrr!  we traveled to maui for our honeymoon 7 months after our wedding.  yes, we decided to wait.  why you ask?!  we got married in june and for those of you who know minnesota in june, why would you want to leave?!  it’s gorgeous, lush, & green, and so we decided to wait until january.  minnesota in january?  waaaaay different story.  when we left it was actually quite mild, like mid 30s i wanna say, not bad, right?  but when we got back??  it was literally 8 degrees.  yes.  8.  needless to say, leaving the island to come back to 8 degrees was extremely difficult.  we also decided to wait because we wanted to be fully present and enjoy our time, not that we wouldn’t have if we would’ve taken off right away but we went through so many emotions having our wedding that it was almost like a nice reward 7 months later to say hey, we got married, and we’ve had some time to be newlyweds, let’s go celebrate that!  i wanted to blog about our honeymoon because i noticed that on instagram our honeymoon post actually got the most likes out of any other photo on buck & rose’s instagram to date.  it shows me that you guys like to see the personal side of our lives and i’ve been working on sharing more of that- so with that being said, i’m going to dive right in and share all about maui- what we did, our favorite food, drinks, sights, and more!

we flew into maui around 8pm HST and it was dark so we didn’t get to take in all of the beauty that maui has to offer until the following morning.  we did have a slight mishap upon checking into our resort (there was a local cannabis convention being held there that we didn’t know about and our room basically smelled like cheech & chong were staying there, (not knocking it if you partake or enjoy that, we just don’t and it wasn’t how i wanted to get our honeymoon started. we were right off the courtyard where the after party was taking place also and it was super loud. not ideal in any regard.) long story short, the ladies at the front desk were super accommodating and switched our room to the opposite end of the resort away from the convention and all was well) but it was solved and we went to bed to wake up early the next morning and enjoy our day.  when we woke up the next morning, i opened the shutters and this was my view.  ok, this is why we came to maui.  we enjoyed watching the sunrise and decided to venture out for breakfast.  


we went to this little place called the gazebo.  it was an actual gazebo!  and the line was out the door and then some but totally worth the wait.  we had fresh pineapple spears to share and an order of the mac nut pancakes.  they were to die for and they were served with a non-dairy whipped topping & coconut syrup!  soooo yummy!  hawaii is known for producing macadamia nuts (as well as australia) and i love how they use them in so many different dishes!  i also had a gigantic breakfast burrito that kept me full the majority of the day, i didn’t even finish it all, and alex had the spam omelette.  spam is like a delicacy in hawaii which is so funny to me because minnesota is home of spam.  we have the spam museum!  and i’ve never tried it, until i was in maui.  the mac nut pancakes were by far my favorite breakfast food the entire trip and so on our last day we went back to have one last order.  after breakfast we walked down to the water and we saw sea turtles!!  i was probably standing too close to one (did you know it’s illegal in hawaii to touch a sea turtle?  it’s because they are an endangered species and there are serious laws with big fines if you violate them) but it was amazing to see one so close.  we walked along the water and took some pictures and then headed back to our resort.  we didn’t have an agenda which i loved because we were able to take each day as we wanted it.  we love to go on vacation with some ideas of what we’d like to see or do but we never jam pack our agendas and as a planner this is sometimes difficult for me because i like to at least have some idea of what we are doing by day.  i do enjoy this way of approaching our trips though because then you find places organically and it feels so rewarding.  it also feels more relaxing.  so as they say, go with the flow!  after our breakfast, we were off to explore the island!

i could go through day by day but this blog would be 8 miles long because i would go into everything i loved about each day. with that, i’m going to highlight our top faves from our trip.

Food & Drink

  1. Star Noodle- the steamed pork buns, garlic noodles, & singapore noodles are amazing!!  i also really liked the kimchi there (which is usually a no go for me) and alex loved the mentaiko noodles.  disclaimer: we loved Star Noodle so much that we went back for another meal!

  2. Aloha Mixed Plate- the original aloha mixed plate is the best in my opinion.  it’s a mixed plate full of yummy white rice, fresh fish (mahi mahi), chicken, & teriyaki beef.  all mixed plates are served with macaroni salad, yes, another midwest staple!  alex had the kalua pork plate which is also served with rice & mac salad but this plate comes with lomi lomi.  it was soooo good that we went back a second time and we switched plates!  also they have the best ahi tuna poke.  and the mai tais?  almost too cute to drink!

  3. Monkeypod Kitchen- i read about this place from a blogger (thanks @sassyredlipstick!) and we loved it here!  the atmosphere was exciting and i loved the vibe.  fun drinks & yummy food.  we split the kalua pork & pineapple pizza.  i had the fish tacos and they were sooo yummy.  i opted for grilled fish for it’s tenderness and they basically melted in your mouth!  alex had the fresh island fish sandwich which he also really enjoyed.

  4. Maui Brewing Company- we didn’t eat here but we saw the food and it looked super good.  the brews were so easy to drink and they had a fun ice bar to keep your beer cold!  i loved the bikini blonde and alex opted for his usual IPA selection.  his favorite was the double overhead ipa. 

  5. Grandma’s Coffee House- on our way back from hana, we stopped for a snack here!  the cutest coffee shop/deli you could see on the island!  i had a sweet tooth so i had a gigantic slice of their homemade carrot cake.  i slightly regret not trying their coffee cake because they’re known for it but the carrot cake was calling my name.  alex’s snack was the mac salad.  it was his favorite that he had tried during our time in maui.  


  1. The Road to Hana- this famous sightseeing trip is one for the books.  we took the back road so there wouldn’t be as much traffic and you also cut the drive time down pretty significantly if you go this way because the entire trip can take up to 10-12 hours there & back.  however, i will warn you, if you are afraid of heights or windy roads, this may not be the drive for you.  alex drove and thank goodness he did.  i was fine for the majority of the ride, the speed limit is about 25 mph the entire way up the mountain after you get past hana highway.  however, i did end up having a full blown panic attack.  the breaking point was we were coming around a suuuuper windy curve to a one lane bridge connecting the canyon roads together.  a. one. lane. bridge.  and the cherry on top?  a truck was coming right at us!!  after the truck passed us i had alex pull over immediately as soon as he could because i could not catch my breath.  as i cried for a good 10-15 minutes i didn’t know if i could keep going if the drive was going to be this treacherous.  my husband reassured me that we were less than 40 minutes away from the seven sacred pools and that he thought the worst of the drive was over.  i said yes to keep going and i’m soooo thankful that we did because we made it to the waterfall.  we made it to the seven sacred pools.

  2. Haleakalā National Park- the drive was so worth it!  look at these views, you guys!  i will admit, i was slightly disappointed in the moment because due to the government shutdown and haleakalā being a national park, it was technically closed.  so yay for no $25 parking fee but nay for the trail down to the swimming area being fenced up.  there were people climbing the fence and we could have done it but i’m not that adventurous.  i had already had an adventurous ride up there!!  just being there was enough.  we didn’t stay super long but we stayed long enough to enjoy it and take some photos.  shoutout to the couple who took my fave photo of the entire trip! (can you guess which one it is?)

  3. Lahaina- this is the general area of where we stayed near our resort and we loved the area.  grocery stores, coffee shops, and general stores are all close by which made it convenient to stay near here! 

  4. Napili Beach- another beautiful beach along the maui coast.  a lot of the whale watching occurs here

  5. Kaanapali Beach- this is the beach that our resort sat on.  The tides were high the last few days of our trip so we couldn’t swim but the day that we did swim, was pure bliss.  The ocean water was crystal clear and it felt so good to be in the warm sun!  


  1. Laulima Farm / / Environmental Agriculture- on our way back from hana we stopped here for coconut water!  We of course (naturally) didn’t have any cash on us and the owner let us Venmo her so we could have some fresh coconut water- how sweet!  Alex had never drank out of a coconut before so it was super fun to show him that.  I had when I lived in Miami, hey Hannah!  Remember when we drank out of coconuts?! (inside joke with my sis, please excuse haha :) )

  2. Front Street- this is definitely the more touristy area but still very fun!  my favorite was walking up & down the street shops.  there’s also really fun art galleries to check out and local boutiques and restaurants.  ululani’s shaved ice was a must with mac nut ice cream in the bottom- sooo good!

  3. Whaler’s Village- loved this upscale mall!  we went here when we went to monkeypod kitchen for dinner and also when i realized that i didn’t have anything long sleeve to wear on our flight back to mn.  

  4. Whale Watching- you can do this pretty much anywhere in maui and it is incredible.  they do offer sightseeing excursion boats as well but we just watched from where we were on land/sand.  i think the best spot was at the gazebo restaurant where we had breakfast.  

  5. Scenic Overlooks- no reason needed.  we were all about those views!!         

so as amazing as all of the places above were, honestly what i loved most was being in such a beautiful place with my husband.  we felt so relaxed and it was such a great feeling to just be present with each other.  no distractions, just us.  we loved maui so much that we talked about making it our yearly vacation.  i love to explore new places but maui has so much to offer.  the next time we go, i do want to take a day trip to some of the other hawaiian islands.  what’s your favorite hawaiian island and why?  be sure to tell us in the comments!  for now, mine is maui and i have a good feeling that it will be forever.

aloha & mahalo for reading! :)

be sure to follow us on instagram @buckandroseweddings for more of our honeymoon posts, tips, & tricks on how to plan your perfect honeymoon, too!

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the forever bride market & why every bride-to-be needs to go!

hi friends!!  how is it already almost thanksgiving?!  i realize my last blog post was in october when fall was in full swing and somehow it’s already the holiday season.  make sure you take time with your loved ones, soak up those family moments, and slow it down where & when you can.  i remember this time last year i was knee deep in wedding planning- we had our venue, we had done our catering tastings, our save the dates were designed and ordered and it was the holiday season!  don’t get me wrong- i love this time of year but sometimes the hustle & bustle can be a lot.  take that coffee break, yoga class, or any moment of “me” time you can and enjoy it so that you can enjoy the rest of the season with your loved ones.  

now onto today’s topic and one i feel so passionate about… the forever bride market!  just a few sundays ago, we made our debut at the forever bride market.  this was my first ever bridal market.  i didn’t even attend a bridal show/expo/fair/market/anything when i was engaged.  i was fortunate enough to have met my vendors fairly quickly into our wedding planning process and i knew i felt really good about them so i really had no “need” to go to one.  now having experienced one, i wish i would have!  the forever bride market was such a blast for everyone involved.  every single vendor at the market has awesome deals & giveaways, not to mention, it was just so great to see all of the brides out with their moms, grandmas, friends, family, & some even with their fiances!  

my favorite part of the market…?  i can’t even pick one thing.  i loved it all!  from interacting with the other vendors who were there to meeting all of the lovely brides & their family & friends to being able to participate as a brand new vendor in our first ever bridal market, it was all so much fun.  but there’s more to it than just being a bridal market.  forever bride is an amazing community that stands for the best, local vendors for the bride to have the best experience when planning her wedding.  it’s smaller and more unique than any other bridal show out there which allows everyone to have the best experience.  plus… not to mention… the location at the radisson blu moa?!  #freeparking :)

huge thanks to liz at gemma floral & gifts for our beautiful rose bouquet! they also provided the roses that we handed out to brides & their bride tribe! if you’re in need of a wedding florist we highly recommend liz & the gemma floral & gifts team. they’re so sweet, easy to work with, & their flowers are simply stunning!

we can’t wait til the next forever bride market and we want to see you there!  not to mention… you won’t want to miss on our deals & giveaway!  our november market giveaway was $2,500 off a full service wedding planning package… what will february’s market giveaway be?!  you’ll just have to make sure to be there to find out!

[the next forever bride market is sunday, february 17th @ radisson blu moa. get your tickets now!]

meghan buck, owner + senior planning director of buck & rose

meghan buck, owner + senior planning director of buck & rose

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how to avoid wedding pitfalls


by definition a pitfall is a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty.  as a couple, you are both going to be thrown curve balls and you’ll have some hoops to jump through when planning your wedding- it’s inevitable, so even if you’re the most organized, type A, perfect communicator, you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, get ready, because you will run in to some unexpected challenges.  but breathe, it’s o-k!  in the end, everything always has a way of working out.  (and hopefully you have a wedding planner/kick ass problem solver to help because that’s what we’re here for!!)  it would be impossible for me to list everything that could potentially go wrong on your wedding day- it could rain cats & dogs and you were planning for an outdoor ceremony, your cake could be MIA because they sent the order to the wrong location, your DJ could show up literally just minutes before the start of the ceremony (yes, that happened to us at our wedding)… so i’m here to help you avoid wedding pitfalls that you may not even think of.

1. you don’t plan your decor according to your venue

so let’s say you booked an amazing rustic venue- it’s going to be perfect for countryside details- think mason jar centerpieces, wood details, burlap banners, baby’s breath bridesmaid bouquets… but then you realize your entire pinterest board has decor ideas fit for a black tie wedding.  your venue should match your decor and while certain venues like industrial warehouses can create for a unique mix of details (usually they’re beautiful blank canvases that will go with any decor you choose), typically you should have your vision for your decor in mind before you pick your venue.  a simplified approach to planning your decor is by choosing elements that reflect both you and your fiancé.  think of what colors you gravitate towards and what about both of you is important for your guests to capture the day of your wedding.  still not sure what that vision might be?  your wedding planner can help you get to the bottom of the vision and will have some awesome suggestions for you.


2. you don’t plan for hidden costs

while most vendors require deposits for their services, you will be given additional payment due dates for the remainder of your services closer to your wedding date.  if you don’t pay your vendors on time, you’ll likely be charged a late payment fee that can add up to be very costly.  if you have a wedding planner they will likely be in charge of getting your payments to your vendors but if you don’t have a wedding planner, you will need to be extra cautious and organized to make sure you don’t miss anything!  surprise charges will also arise- anything from alteration charges, vendor gratuities, catering adjustments, you name it… create a list of these anticipated fees so that you have cash at hand ready.


3. you don’t hire a wedding planner or coordinator.

while most couples want to be involved in the planning, you don’t realize how much work it is and how much stress it can add to both of your plates until you’re in the midst of the planning.  the most stressful part of planning arises as you inch closer and closer to your wedding day.  the month before your wedding will be filled with final confirmations and to-dos from your vendors before your special day, and the week before your wedding your phones will be ringing off the hook to confirm final details.  you’re going to be busier than you think with managing of friends and family coming into town, hosting your rehearsal dinner, getting bridal party gifts wrapped and ready, the list goes on… unforeseen challenges will pop up, and this will leave you sorting out the chaos instead of enjoying the most special time of your lives.  avoid all of this by hiring a wedding planner.  even if you don’t have the budget for a full service planner, you likely can budget in a month-of or day-of coordinator that will help you take all of these last minute meetings and phone calls off of your plates.  not to mention, they are also there to help put out the fires so you don’t have to.  you deserve to be focused on each other and nothing else!  


i’ve always been a believer in having a plan and working the plan… and to always have a back up plan or two ready, just in case!  then you’ll be ready for all of those pitfalls, but at least you now know a few to avoid right away!



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all about fall
IMG_0049 2.JPG

hello & happy october from buck & rose!  it is officially fall!!!  i don’t know about you but, fall is by far my fave season of the year.  there’s something so refreshing about the cooler weather, changing colors, & fall activities here in mn that makes this the best time of year.  (not to mention the return of the psl is also one of my favorite fall things… #basic&proud)  has anyone been to their favorite apple orchard yet??  i’m hoping to make it to mine this weekend- deardorff orchards in waconia!  when it comes to fall weddings, there are so many different ways to display the autumn season during your happiest day.  below are just a few of my favorite ways to make your wedding feel fall af 💁


i love bridal bouquets filled with dahlias, anemones, ranunculus, astilbe, & spray roses, in rich colors accompanied with different grassy greens like fern or eucalyptus help to create a fall like vibe.  the key here is color- go bold with vibrant reds, marsala, & dark burgundy.  balancing out your bouquet with neutrals will also help your other colors really pop and appear richer.



instead of choosing a pale pink, go for a bold red lip for your wedding day look to create a dramatic fall feeling.  if you can, choose a matte finish to last the longest throughout your wedding day, plus, it’s the least likely to transfer or smudge onto your new groom!  a favorite red lip of mine is charlotte tilbury’s matte revolution lipstick in red carpet red.  otherwise, if you’re not feeling the red lip, you can always try a ruby hue on your nails.  either option will look great in photos!

bridesmaids dresses

for your bride tribe opt for moody hues!  for even more fun, go the mismatched route and have your girls in a fall color of their own.  mustard, rust, red, navy, olive green, you get the idea!

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 7.50.49 PM.png


mini pumpkins are almost effortless in helping your decor feel very fall, + they’re super cute and require little to no work!  create welcoming statements on your guests tables with mini pumpkins and easy floral like baby’s breath or greenery to create a fun autumn statement.


instead of having a cake why not have pumpkin pie?!  accompany your pumpkin pie with hot apple cider and you’re definitely going to have a crowd pleasing dessert that is anything but ordinary.  you can also go the mini/bite sized route and do mini pies in other fall flavors like apple or cherry.

yay for fall weddings!



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hello from buck & rose!

meet meghan buck, owner & senior planning director of buck & rose.

hi there!!  i’m meghan buck.  thanks so much for stopping by!  here’s a little bit about me & my story of creating buck & rose:


i created buck & rose to help couples plan, organize, & coordinate their best, most perfect for them, wedding day that is fit to be their very own.  i myself am a newlywed, i married the love of my life, alex buck on june 1st, 2018 in hastings, mn in the most simply beautiful & unrefined wedding.  to this day, i still day dream of our wedding day often and catch myself unintentionally browsing through our wedding photos on my phone to give myself a daily dose of love & happiness.  our wedding was completely perfect for us and i realized shortly after our wedding was over that i missed the planning!  all of the hard work, organizing, confirming the big details, the little ones, all of it.  i took on the entire planning of our wedding myself and don’t get me wrong, i definitely had my moments of panic & i had nightmares of what could go wrong, but i pride myself in being a highly organized & a very operational person, and i knew my wedding vision perfectly.  it was important to have elements of me & alex in our wedding that fit both of our styles and personalities so i focused on details that helped showcase us as a couple.  our wedding was literally everything we wanted and it was by far the happiest day of our lives.  so fast forward to today- i created buck & rose because i am super passionate about planning, organizing, & coordinating, and all things weddings and that’s what i’m here for, to help you guys have the exact wedding you want!


before buck & rose, i had a lengthy experienced retail career where i held various roles which is where i attribute my organizational skills to come from as well as my ability to understand business, & how to work with people from all facets of life.  fashion is my (other) passion & i will always be a nordy girl at heart!  (i still work at nordstrom part time too, if you ever need some retail therapy, i’m your gal!!)

some quick facts that you should know about me:  i’m obsessed with anything rose gold, my husband took note of this very quickly into our relationship and he even designed my wedding ring himself, it’s a rose gold halo style ring with a beautiful, delicate diamond band, and it’s perfect for me.  i love that he also pays attention to the details like i do.  in my free time i love to practice yoga, (i’m a newbie so you can catch me at corepower’s c1 class) curl up on the couch with a glass of wine in hand to binge my favorite reality shows (bachelor in paradise fans, where you at?!?), and of course spend as much time as i can with my new hubby!  target runs with him are my absolute favorite because he’s (usually) very patient with me and he lets me roam every aisle at my leisure.  we also love to try new restaurants, spend time with our pup bella (she’s a malshi with a huge underbite and we love her crazy self), and simply just be together.  alex is a big reason why buck & rose is here today because he pushed me & inspired me to make it happen. i am so incredibly grateful for his support, so far he’s doing a pretty good job at this whole marriage thing :)

buck & rose is my baby and i’m so incredibly excited & honored to help you in any way that i possibly can! whether you want help planning your entire wedding from start to finish or if you just want some help finalizing the details, i would love to be there to help! let’s grab a coffee or a cocktail and chat about YOU as a couple and what you want & need to help make your wedding day as uniquely you. i look forward to meeting you soon!!



Alex Buck